Terror be damned – the Louvre is still the world's greatest gallery

In the wake of terror attacks in Paris and Nice, visitor numbers to the Louvre have fallen by two million since 2015. We cannot let fear deter us from this temple to human achievement

After the terrorist attacks on Paris in November 2015, tricolour flags were waved around the world and international solidarity with France was vociferously expressed. It seems the world was being hypocritical. Many people began altering holiday plans, even before mass murder came to Nice, with the Bastille Day truck attack. Tourism in France is so badly hit that even the Louvre has recorded a fall in visitor numbers.

The country’s grandest museum has announced that it had 7.3 million visitors in 2016, considerably down from a colossal 9.3 million two years previously. It even breaks down the international shortfall: declines in visitors of 31% from China, 61% from Japan and 18% from the US.

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Source: Onlineafric

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