Unnatural: Young Fulani herder competes with calf for mother's breast milk [Video]

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Unnatural: Young Fulani herder competes with calf for mother’s breast milk [Video]
Young Fulani herders captured sucking a cow's udder.

A herder provided entertainment to an audience who watched drink milk from the udder of a cow.

A young Fulani herder altered the course of nature in a footage capturing him suck a cow’s udder at the expense of its calf.

The video opened with two boys captured in a crouching position. One of the pair offered space to the other who found ease in drinking milk directly from the ruminant animal.


It was a cause for wonder for observers who were heard commenting on the live action in the background.

A conversation in Pidgin English confirmed the incident as a shocking one to the folks who witnessed the incident.

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The comments mainly focused on the rarity of the scenario to the observers.

Fulani herdsman has made over N100m from Edo abductions

A Fulani herdsman, Muritala Umaru, has admitted to realizing a sum of N100 million from kidnapping activities in Edo State.

This was confirmed following his arrest by the police.

The suspect who was caught in possession of an AK47 rifle with breech number KO340119 and 10 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, reportedly has four years experience in the kidnapping business.


According to reports, he receives his mission orders from a supremo identified as “Chief”.

“I am married. I stay in Auchi, but I was born in Lokoja. I am into kidnapping. I have kidnapped over 50 persons.

“We kidnapped them when they were travelling. One man gave us target. I collected N3 million in our last operation.

“It is my boss that kills people. He had killed many people. We operate in Auchi, Ekpoma, Okenne and other places,” says Umaru, in a Kemi Filani report.

State police commissioner, Mr. Babatunde Kokumo, stated that the suspect is a jail bird who disguised as a Fulani herdsman. The nomadic folks are a problem to some Nigerians who have seen their farmlands trampled on due to uncontrolled grazing.

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