Teddy A Evicted, Khloe And Nina Fight, Morning Blues And More Highlights Of Day 63 At The BB Naija 2018 House

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Teddy A Evicted, Khloe And Nina Fight, Morning Blues And More Highlights Of Day 63 At The BB Naija 2018 House

Day 63 at the BB Naija 2018 house had a reality check for the housemates as one of the super couples in the house was evicted and also Nina and Khloe got into a heated fight over soap.

These are the interesting things that happened on day 63 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

Morning Blues

After the eviction of Bambam, Teddy A’s reaction was more than he himself thought as he retreated to himself for a while. This was the first time seeing Teddy A sulk and cry. Event Khloe and Alex’s pet talk did not make him feel better, or rather he didn’t want it to.

He was able to be himself again and even shake some moves but that was not enough. Oh well, at least he was able to reunite with his love again as he was evicted from the house.

Khloe And Nina Fight

As ridiculous as it may seem, fighting over a soap must have been a serious matter these two. With Khloe’s temperament and Nina’s growing confidence, they were bound to clash at one point.

Khloe and Nina fought over the way Nina placed her soap in the bathroom which was quite unsafe for others, but Nina was not going to let Khloe ride her without giving her her own back. She even made a remark that got Khloe sulking when she called talking to a person like Khloe is like giving a scholarship to a goat.

Let’s not lie, that comment would have hurt, badly.

Anto And Lolu’s Love Game

For a little while pre-Eviction, Anto and Lolu became completely submerged in the idea of each other, consequently becoming each other’s shadows. Okay, we’ll rephrase. Lolu, although having said that Anto wasn’t the kind of girl he’d usually go for, appeared to have fallen for her and despite her constant shade, he never let any courting opportunities pass him by.

Anto, on the other hand, seemed to have adopted freemasonry and refused to be held down by Lolu’s display of emotion; rolling with whom she pleased, doing what she wanted and with strategy in hand, played her game for the win. There are instances when Anto made it clear that she wasn’t about to make any emotional investments and bluntly told Lolu that he’d need to up his game because she didn’t feel like depositing all her eggs in one basket. Telling him that just as a soccer player would choose the team that offered them the most contractual rewards, she had to analyze and see who had more to offer her. Deep.

Being Evicted and finding out that she wasn’t the one holding the winning card, discovering that Lolu was, in fact, the one dealt a better hand, her ego took a heavy hit. Despite having rejected and curving him silly, she was visibly hurt by the news that Lolu had a ‘person’ outside the House because this meant that he wasn’t being completely sincere about his feelings towards her. This turn of events hit her so had that she couldn’t help but talk about during their dice game. Revealing her disappointment and downright avoiding Lolu for a good while. He tried to talk his way back into her good books but she made it clear that the little confidence she had in him had been thrown out the window.

It certainly wasn’t over for him because, for the first time, he threw the begging and questioning aside, admitting his mistake and letting her know that besides being the guy that disappointed her, he was still the guy that considered her his girl and all he wanted was his girl back. Whether her reaction was sincere of in line with her strategy, Lolu managed to redeem himself and she was taken. There is some emotional in there after all. Let’s see how it plays out.

The FIFA Fever

A surprise visit from former Super Eagles players was a pleasant surprise for the Housemates which saw them participating in a game of football in their own backyard. The rest of the week saw them turning Big Brother’s House into an art studio, each trying to come up with a powerful message for their national football heroes.

Each to their own, the arty pieces were well put together and the messages conveyed was unanimous of backing and rallying behind their National team till the end.

But Nina, Lolu, and Miracle took home the best artwork with a clear message.

Teddy A Evicted

And it’s the end of the road for BB Naija 2018 housemate Teddy A, the self-proclaimed alpha male in the house.

He might not have seen his eviction coming but it must have been an open eye for him that he must not be as loved as he thought he was.

Ebuka surprised the housemates on at their Saturday party, taking a housemate with him, and during the Live show called out the other housemate evicted from the show, and Teddy A was it.

Teddy A though did not win any challenge in the house managed to win the screen presence with his voice, charisma, and pure masculinity.


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