Unexpected Death: Friends mourn man who died a week after killing giant snake

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Unexpected Death: Friends mourn man who died a week after killing giant snake
Notes expressing grief have filled the Facebook timeline of a man who died shortly after killing a snake.

Friends shared fond memories about Douglas Preye, who died a week after killing a big snake.

The friends of Douglas Preye, a man who died a week after killing a giant snake, have expressed grief over his passing.

Preye, who lived in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, reportedly died following an asthma attack. Notes reflecting pain filled the Facebook wall of the deceased who was described as a gentle person.


His passing seemed a shock to his followers who entered a state of sadness in the aftermath of his death.

Comments offered by those who had an encounter with him shortly before he kicked the bucket bore a mood of regret over a life ended too early.

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God saves man from black cobra attack while using toilet

Luke Erukakpome, a man in Abraka, Delta State, has shared a testimony concerning how he escaped a black cobra attack while using the toilet.

It was a scary encounter for Erukakpome who shared a Facebook post about his experience on Monday, March 26, 2018. The snake reportedly laid in the toilet sink for two hours since discovering it with the help of a lamp.


The narrator had to rely on support offered by local vigilantes who shot the animal dead with a gun. Photos of the dead reptile was shared by the user.

“God’s Miracles never end and they are marvellous in our eyes.

“God saved me from a dangerous horrible looking cobra yesterday night in my toilet Seat(WC) here in Abraka delta state.

“It was around 7.34pm when wanted to use the toilet (pee) I decided to use my touch light to view the sink before action, I saw a black stuff below the water in the toilet seat and I was trying to identify what it could be because I used the toilet some hours ago.

“Lo and behold it was a horrible looking cobra. I called the care taker of the hostel where I live, he came and confirmed it.

“The snake is so big that we couldn’t devised another good means to kill it than the use of GunuD83DuDD2B.

“For more than 2hrs the snake was there until we called the attention of the vigilante group and finally it was killed with the aid of a gun,” Luke Erukakpome stated in his post.

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The near-whisker save is similar to the experience of a boy who was swallowed by a snake while on-board a vehicle.

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