Red Eye: Lagos guard slices off hand of boss caught stealing at neighbour's

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Red Eye: Lagos guard slices off hand of boss caught stealing at neighbour’s
Residents in a Lagos community have blamed a security guard for cutting off the hand of his boss.

A court charged a security guard of northern origin for severing the hand of boss caught stealing.

In Lagos, Nigeria, a security guard, Zakarayu Kasumi, has sliced off the hand of his boss who reportedly broke into the house of a neighbour in a bid to steal.

The event occurred in Akowonjo where Kasumi, an indigene of Kano State, offers protection to residents at night.


According to the PM Express News, his heroics had no meaning to community members who blamed him for the ‘attack’ on the ‘victim’ identified as Adekunle Popoola.

Kasumi, who has been arraigned at the Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court, pleaded not guilty to a charge related to inflicting injury on a person.

He was given an offer of bail by presiding judge, Mr. T.O. Shomade, who requested the accused to surrender a sum of N100,000, and two-sureties expected to pay an equal amount.

Man who stole 400k from Ibadan rice dealer beaten black and blue

In Ibadan, Oyo State, a man who was accused of stealing N400,000 from a rice dealer, has received the beating of his life.

The thief, captured in a video, was seen glued to a bare ground while a group of men gave him a pummeling. He seemed helpless in the hands of the mob who gave him hits on different parts of his body.

Loud chatters heard at the scene reflected a mood of anger over the alleged theft but some social media users felt the violent reaction was a step too much.

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On Instagram, ensuring that the spinal cord of the man stays intact seemed the main concern.


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