Another Man's Sweat: Abuja car wash worker sells customer's Toyota to marry wife

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Another Man’s Sweat: Abuja car wash worker sells customer’s Toyota to marry wife
Mohammed Chado, who hid himself in Niger State following a car theft, reportedly sold the vehicle for N450,000.

Policemen in Abuja have succeeded in capturing a man who sold a client’s car to sponsor his wedding.

A car wash attendant has been arrested by the police in Abuja for selling a customer’s Toyota Camry car to marry a wife.

The suspect, Mohammed Chado, reportedly sold the vehicle for a sum of N450,000, which covered expenses required for the purpose of tying the knot as well as a year’s feeding.


Part of the amount he realised from the sale was sent to family members who used it to secure items needed for the wedding ceremony.

“I sold the car for N450,000 and spent N300,000 on the wedding; I gave the money to my family to buy the needed wedding items, then I spent the balance on feeding myself for one year,” says Chado who was paraded on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Sadiq Bello, the Commissioner of Police of Federal Capital Territory, confirmed his arrest in Punch News report.

The police chief mentioned that the vehicle has been recovered. Chado was apprehended in Niger State, where he reportedly hid following the theft.

“Chado was arrested at Batafe village in Niger State where he hid after he sold a Toyota Camry that was given to him for washing.

“He escaped with it, sold it for N450,000 and used the money to marry a wife. The stolen car has been recovered,” Bello said in a statement.

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Man who stole 400k from Ibadan rice dealer beaten black and blue

In Ibadan, Oyo State, a man who was accused of stealing N400,000 from a rice dealer, has received the beating of his life.

The thief, captured in a video, was seen glued to a bare ground while a group of men gave him a pummeling.


He seemed helpless in the hands of the mob who gave him hits on different parts of his body.

Loud chatters heard at the scene reflected a mood of anger over the alleged theft but some social media users felt the violent reaction was a step too much.

On Instagram, ensuring that the spinal cord of the man stays intact seemed the main concern.


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