Scary Detail: Facebook user thinks you are likely a victim of witchcraft if you fornicate on Valentine's Day

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Scary Detail: Facebook user thinks you are likely a victim of witchcraft if you fornicate on Valentine’s Day
A Facebook user thinks the act of fornication is connected to witchcraft.

Fornication can bring about destruction in the hands of Satan according to a Facebook user.

As Valentine’s Day celebration takes effect, a Facebook user, Chukwuba Chiluba has some words of advice for you if you are the type that engages in fornication. This is aimed at protecting romance seekers from witchcraft.

Chiluba who shared a post on Monday, February 12, 2018, described the act of witchcraft and fornication as related components. She considered the latter as a tool used deliberately to anger God.

According to the counsel giver, anyone who has sex while unmarried either patronizes witchcraft or is a victim.


Quoting a book from the Bible, the concerned Facebook user revealed that idolatry is a component of witchcraft. She ended her comments by offering prayers on behalf of those afflicted by the devil.

“Fornication and witchcraft are twin sisters.

“In witches coven, fornication is a free for all activity. They deliberately engage in it to provoke God to anger. One way you can easily recognize a witch or wizard is their lose and seductive nature.

“Another evil of fornication is the loss of power or vision. If you fornicate, you can easily loose spiritual power.

“If you are a fornicator, Satan will give you something else- an idol to take the place of God in your life. It is impossible for the one who is living in fornication to serve God.

“Every fornicator is either into witchcraft, or is a victim of witchcraft.

“These heinous sins are combined, hence God cannot stand anyone who fornicates.

“According to 1 Samuel 15:23, there is a link between witchcraft and idolatry. Every witch, wizard or subscriber to the occult in any form is an idolater.

“Ask that God’s judgement will come on unrepentant agents of darkness sent to seduce men and women of God all over the world,” writes Chiluba.

Give yourself a treat this Valentine

Ifeanyi Valentine Romeo, an Onitsha-based businessman who is also a hunter, has offered followers on his Facebook page an opportunity to have an experience of how a bite of deer meat tastes like, having caught two on his farm, announced for auction around Valentine’s day.

On Sunday, February 11, 2018, he invited his followers to contact him privately if they were thinking of having a crisp succulent stake encounter, when they have had a taste of the animal’s flesh.

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Pictures shows Romeo holding the hunting prizes, while he was simply just examining the cash worthy corpses of the ruminant mammals in another image.


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