Demonic People: Eyes of 2-yr-old child gouged out in suspected ritual murder

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Demonic People: Eyes of 2-yr-old child gouged out in suspected ritual murder
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The death of a 2-year-old child whose eyes was gouged in a suspected ritual murder has sparked up negative reactions on social media.

The eyes of a two-year-old child has been gouged out by suspected ritual murderers in Jalingo, Taraba State, ensuring the death of the infant.

A picture depicting a gory sight of the deceased distorted face was shared by a Facebook user, Yensah Vivian Peter. It was brought in dead to the Sunkani Hospital according to the narrator who offered some safety advice to parents and guardians.

“I plead with parents and guidance to be more careful with their children, this 2 yrs old boy was brought to sunkani hospital this morning in this condition already death,” Peter wrote in a post shared on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

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On Instagram, social media users have expressed shock over the gruesome murder. Some attributed the incident to an act of human sacrifice.

This translates some of the events relating to fetish dealings, a recurrent theme in a Nigeria where a love for money has conquered a feeling of humanity.

Another act of wickedness

A man described as Lambert who reportedly tied a woman’s pregnancy in a coffin has been banished by a community for his evil act.

This was revealed by a Facebook user, Ezeji Uche who disclosed that the fetish individual hid two birds in a micro casket. By the time he was discovered, the animals were still alive and were heard vocalizing in a video provided by Uche.


In the clip, an elderly man was heard addressing Lambert who bent on his knees while a crowd surrounded him. He was questioned concerning what he intended to do with the items recovered from him.


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