Close Your Eyes: Disgraced woman stripped of borrowed underwear in public (Video)

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Close Your Eyes: Disgraced woman stripped of borrowed underwear in public (Video)
A video showed the woman as she was being stripped by the assaulter who was described as her friend.

The victim who was carrying a baby on her back resorted to using a shawl as a cover after being stripped of the underwear.

A viral video shared on Facebook has revealed how a woman was stripped of a borrowed underwear in public.

The footage which was published by Ebal TV showed a lady removing the panties as the victim who was carrying a baby stayed glued to the ground.


It appeared to be an angry confrontation between her and an impatient friend. The disgraced subject was captured covering her body with a shawl after an assault that saw her buttocks laid bare in the open.

She was seen leaving the scene of the attack while observers at the scene make a mockery of her.

Another public disgrace

A man named named Oladimeji Michael had a taste of how it feels to be disgraced after he was caught with his manhood in a little boy’s mouth.

Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya of the Lagos State High Court sentenced him to a period of 21 years in prison for the shameful behaviour.

He was reportedly nabbed red handed by the victim’s mother who ensured neighbours found him naked.


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It was alleged that the convict initiated the abusive sexual act while in a bathroom with the infant who is aged 3.

A neighbour, Ifeanyi who was able to view the act via a door opening communicated the incident to the victim’s mother, Iyabo. The latter knocked down the covering after witnessing Michael in the act it was gathered.


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