Addict! Nigerian lady confesses strong love for sex

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Addict! Nigerian lady confesses strong love for sex
A couple who practice tantric sex have orgasms that last up to 18 hours. Olamiadara Adedayo's thoughts are not so far from this it appeared in her Instagram comment.

A Nigerian lady insisted on not being judged because of her desire for sex – an interest she considers absolutely normal.

A Nigerian lady who made a confession about love for sex, has stated that she enjoys it and will not be bothered about criticism.

The vocal woman who posted comments from an Instagram profile that bears the name Olamiadara Adedayo, appeared to be a victim of a schemer who released video clips of their sexual encounter.


She advised that attention be brought to important things besides besides her high libido.

“We had sex and then he leaked the video. Now people don’t want me to rest. Who is a virgin? Who does not like sex? Why are you sending me different messages as if sex is a crime?

“I enjoy having sex just like everyone of you and I won’t let this discourage me. Don’t judge me!!,” writes Adedayo.

Sex deprived school teacher stabs husband

Intense sexual urges in women have often seen them get involved in adultery and even murder as observed in the case of Harriet Nambi, a 24-year-old woman in Uganda who reportedly stabbed her husband, Musa Batera, aged 25 to death, for denying her sex.

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The murder suspect who is also a school teacher has been apprehended by the police according to Tuko News. It was reported that Nambi delivered a baby through caesarean section two months prior to the event.


Reports also revealed that the horny teacher had consulted a neighbour identified as Hasifa Babirye,  concerning her challenge.

The latter had advised her to be patient with her husband who has two other wives but her counseling failed to yield a positive outcome.

Nambi reportedly insisted on harming her husband, a former representative of their community if he doesn’t attend to her urge.


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