#SlutWalk: The origin of this women's protest that has taken the world by storm

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#SlutWalk: The origin of this women’s protest that has taken the world by storm
The SlutWalk event in Lagos

The #SlutWalk started in Toronto and has now gone global in just six years.

The origins of the #slutwalk can be traced back to January 24, 2011, when a police officer, Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti made a controversial statement about sexual harassment.

He said women shouldn’t dress like sluts if they wanted to avoid sexual harassment. This statement causes a backlash which subsequently led to a protest in Toronto.

On April 3, 2011, more than 3,000 women hit the streets of Toronto in protest. The march was called a #SlutWalk and was a resounding success.


Since the initial #slutwalk, there has been more than 50 slutwalks all across the world from Boston to Sydney.

Many people wouldn’t hear about the #slutwalk until Hip-Hop socialite Amber Rose launched her slutwalk in 2015. A lot of folks think she is the originator of the protest but she is not.


Her #slutwalk pushes to end rape culture. She has gone on to have three successful editions. Nearly 20,000 people showed up for this year’s edition.

Her slutwalk has had its fair share of critics. Some people feel the word slut leaves a bad taste in the mouth and the name of the protest should be changed.


Like I’m going to start with the SlutWalk and then three years later say I’m gonna change it so I can get more people to come?” Eventually, you’re gonna come” said Amber Rose. The name has stuck and the movement is still thriving.

The #SlutWalk has come to Lagos. Convened by singer Deena Ade, the slutwalk is going down on December 17, 2017.


According to Awe Lagos, the aim of the Lagos #slutwalk is to “fight the epidemic of violence against women by creating a discourse amongst the youth to take a provocative stance…The current climate within our culture is enabling, and until we unlearn the problematic stance, violence and misogyny will persist.


#SlutWalk is one of the new ways women protest sexual abuse and rape. Just like the #MeToo movement and ‘We Said Enough‘ movement, women are taking the bull by the horn and forcing society to talk about sexual harassment.

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