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Three Kinds Of Association To Run From.

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Association to run from

In your life journey, you’re going to meet 3 people. When you do, say a silent prayer and then run as fast as your legs can carry you.

These are people who are emotionally incompetent – they haven’t yet learned to control, master and direct their impulses.

They often appear decisive and in control, but it’s all a facade. If you investigate further, you’ll realize that their decision making process was based on nothing more than a coin toss.

Deciding what to do with them can be especially tricky because they’re mostly good people… who make a ton of bad decisions.
They face the same temptations we all do, but haven’t learned to tell the devil to go screw himself.

If this person plays an important role in your life, they will bring their turbulence into your space and you’ll often find yourself paying for their own ‘mistakes’.

Ever met people who’d sell you for 12 shekels and then cry their eyes out and say, “I never meant to hurt you”?

They truly don’t mean any harm but due to their lack of emotional fortitude, they’ll often be the wood that makes up your enemy’s battle axe.

These are the sort that have no concept of consequence. They don’t care or even give immediate thought to their own wellbeing, as long as they can destroy a perceived rival.

They haven’t trained the gift of foresight and cannot see beyond their temper.

They’re the sort that’ll boldly shout in public to everyone’s hearing, “I will kill her and kill myself. You people don’t know me. I be confam weyrey. Acid nor far. Nothing dey happen.”

If you have this person in your camp or fighting your cause, they will commit war crimes in your name and you’ll pick up a bill that cannot be repaid in 3 lifetimes.

These ones have learned that they can get attention from the undiscerning by feigning cluelessness. They have no concept of personal responsibility and nothing is ever their fault.

Their logic will traumatize you into a lifelong oath of silence.

For example, “It’s obviously the carpenter’s fault. If he hadn’t constructed that bed, then I wouldn’t have committed adultery”

You’ll meet these people at some point in your life.

Unless you have the specifics skills or God appeared to you, called you by your botanical name and ordered you to intervene, leave them alone.

They will cost you money.

They will cost you time.

They will cost you distance.

They will cost you good people.
Say a kind word, point them in the right direction and let them learn… FAR AWAY FROM YOU.

PS: If these realities are too hard to grasp, show this to a person beyond their 50s. They’ll help you make sense of it.


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