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MOTIVATION: Six Letters For Better Life.

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6 lettersMOTIVATION for the day.
Every now and then we feel down casted because of unfulfilled dreams or missed opportunities, we feel like the world is ganged up on us to fail.
Here are  six seasoned motivations to stir you up:
Does your life feel boring now? Do you feel like you’re missing out on life for being extraordinarily focused and disciplined?
Hehehe. Leave Instagram filters first. If your eyes could just see what people suffer off-camera, you’ll come to love and appreciate the peace of mind that comes with ‘boring’.
People say life is short, and indeed it is.
But when you have to live with a mistake you can’t take back, you’ll see that life can be very long.
===== 2 =====
Stay out of trouble. You know what trouble means. Your old life will make a long distance call to you every now and again. You know what to do.
If other people around you dey ‘chop and clean mouth’, that’s their business. Your own is different. Your paths aren’t the same.
Enjoy your life in a way that protects your destiny from the vultures. Sometimes sef, your crase is the very vulture. Tame your tendencies, lest they end up on Social Media as a Facebook rant.
Avoid unnecessary exposure. This journey is still very far.
===== 3 =====
Keep building your confidence and competence. You’re going to need them for where you’re going.
===== 4 =====
Keep intentional friendships and associations. Build your network the way a football coach picks members of the team. Pick based on current ability (outfield players) and future growth potential (subs).
===== 5 =====
Learn to think. Critical thinking and logic can be learned. Train these abilities.
Be good to people for no reason.
But be kind to yourself first, for you cannot pour out of an empty cup; and you can only give of your overflow.
John Obidi. (Media Strategist and Online Savvy).

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