INSPIRATION: Key To Happiness In Life.  

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A key to happiness in life is having something exciting to look forward to – meeting someone, working on an exciting project, a trip, finishing a novel, writing a book, volunteering at a charity, cashing a cheque… Something that reminds you of your sense of contribution and significance.

Depression can set in when you lead a boring life.

You know that thought that you get sometimes?

“If I were to disappear from the Earth today, would anybody notice?”

That’s your sense of significance being challenged and it’s your responsibility to respond by recreating your life – one that is unhinged from what people expect of you.

“How do I start?”, you ask.

You start by learning to trust more in yourself.

Unshackle yourself mentally.

Walk out of the prison gates with no fear of what’s outside.

Depending on your family dynamics and upbringing, this could be easy or difficult.

But you start here.

And then you create any noble purpose that makes your soul tingle. Feel the thrill of testing and finding proof of your independent significance for the first time in your life.

Feel what it means to cultivate competence at something and slowly but surely finding that genius domain in which you are truly untouchable.

Find reasons to be around people who have done the same; permit yourself to be mentally stimulated by them.

In time you’ll experience the desire to truly live, a spring in your step. You’ll look in the mirror and blush at how beautiful you never knew you were.

Life in all its complexities can be beautiful and you deserve to fully experience all the best bits.

No one is coming to save you.

You must pick up your bed and WALK.
This game of life is yours, but sometimes you must be brave enough to topple the chessboard, rearrange the pieces and start over.

— John Obidi.

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