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Dream!Do you have a dream?

No, I’m not talking about the movie you see when you close your cute little eyes at night!
A dream is something you aim to achieve, a goal you set, a ground breaking achievement you aspire to reach!

Your dream is only peculiar to you, you and you alone! But it is not just all about you.

Did I hear you say ‘your dream is to become a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer?’

No! That’s not what I am talking about!
A dream is something no one else has achieved before. It is simply unique and peculiar to you alone!
Something that is so unique & seems so impossible!

That is what we call a DREAM!

Now that you sort of have a dream in mind, how do you know if your dream is not selfish?
Yes, You heard it right. Your DREAM can be SELFISH.

Remember I said your dream is not just about you earlier? Good!

Simply put, If your dream only have your best interest at heart, it is selfish!
If you are pursuing a dream because you want to make money alone not minding whether you hurt or harm people, that is TYPICALLY SELFISH!

A dream should have the passion to make positive impact, to influence lives positively and to make relevant contribution that will make your name lingering in the hearts of men!

People like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King (jnr) etc, all made impacts by following their dreams, selfless dreams!
The journey to success is not smooth & life is too short to waste more time on the wrong track!!!

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