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HEALTH: Three (3) Surprising Reasons You’re Not Loosing Weight. 

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Too many of us have been there,  You’ve been dieting for some time now day after day to loose weight, even visiting the gym now and again. You step on the scale and leave disappointed every time.

Why am I not losing weight? You'd ask.

You've  surfed the net and received more mixed messages. It becomes hard to remain optimistic when you can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do; Cut carbs to lose weight, one article instructs, Eat more carbs and lose weight, you read in other article.

All these promises and propositions for new diet rules and regimens become exhausting. You’ve tried everything and now think that something must be wrong with you—There's nothing wrong with you, my dear.

We promise that there are perfectly rational and reasonable causes for your stalled weight loss. We’re here to teach them to you, so that hopefully you’ll leave this article feeling more empowered instead of falling victim to the thought that caring for your health is pointless. There are so many reasons you might not be losing the weight — and you probably haven’t thought of any of them.


So here are the three things you may not be doing right:

1. You don't drink enough water:

Your body needs water to break down stores of fat. It’s a biological process, and it requires H2O. Breaking down fat is also not a vital process — so if your body’s short on its water supply, it will be one of the first things to stall. To encourage the breakdown of fats stored in your body, stay as hydrated as possible.

2. You don't eat enough fats:

Stop it with the low-fat yogurt already. Those yogurt cups will leave you unsatisfied and hungry, all the while packing on added sugar and preservatives. The time for fearing fat is over: Studies have shown that healthy fats are more effective for weight loss than low-fat diets. Why? Because you need fats to carry out your everyday bodily functions, and if you don’t eat enough of them you’ll be hungry and tired and crave junk. It’s simple, really — now go grab some fufu.

3. You eat too much protein:

When the body receives excess protein, it stores it as fat. We’re told over and over again that protein is an essential part of healthy eating and muscle building — and that’s completely true. However, you don’t need lean chicken breast, some eggs, a protein shake while you’re working out, and a protein bar later. Calm down with all the protein. If you’re eating chicken with dinner and eggs at breakfast, you’re already getting enough.

Have you been doing it wrong all these while? Let's here your thought on the comment box. 

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