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Win-at-home-syndrome: Blame club owners – Bosso

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Win-at-home-syndrome: Blame club owners – Bosso


Even as referees are always blamed for almost every bad officiating, reprieve may have come their way as the Technical Adviser of Nigerian premier league side, Elkanemi Warriors of Maiduguri, Ladan Bosso believes that club owners, not the referees should be held responsible for the ugly trend.

Ladan Bosso

Bosso who spoke exclusively to Sports Vanguard in Abuja over the weekend said the ugly development has only succeeded in making the referees the scape goat because they are the ones visibly in-charge of a given match.

He noted that as human beings referees are prone to bend if they are cajoled, threatened or even forced in any way by the home team to do their bid. Bosso who is also the president of the Nigerian Football Coaches Association did not spare the coaches whom he accused of not always accepting defeat when they knew that their boys did not play well.

“In most cases, I personally hold this view that the bane of Nigerian league is the club owners. We all rush to blame the referees that they collect bribe but as far as I am concerned, that blame should go to club owners. If the club owners do not attempt to pay the referees, what it means is that the game will be open for the better team to win. So the blame should go to those making the payment.

“Referees are human beings just like coaches. They make mistakes just as coaches also do. We must not continue to blame them every time you lose a match. You should look at your tactics and approach the game and see whether you really lost because your team did not play well or the referee caused the defeat. We coaches are part of the problem, it is not everyday that the referee is the problem. If you have a good team, you will win your matches any where.

“We must all endeavour to prepare a good team in order to win. The truth is that all the people involved in football administration are in it. When it favours you it is all well and good, but when it favours another person we cry to high heavens.”

Bosso therefore called for a true change of attitude by everybody involved in football administration including those organizing the game in the country.


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