'I No Go Gree': Danfo driver goes gaga, attacks FRSC officials [Video]

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‘I No Go Gree’: Danfo driver goes gaga, attacks FRSC officials [Video]
The Danfo driver battling the FRSC officials

A commercial bus driver in Lagos is now trending after he single-handedly battled officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps for seizing his vehicle keys.

The driver of a Lagos commercial bus popularly called Danfo has been caught on video after he went berserk and engaged some officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps [FRSC], in a nasty fight.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver was deemed to have committed a traffic offense and the officials stopped him and forcefully collected his vehicle keys from him.

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But the Danfo driver would let such happen to him as he is seen in the video attacking the traffic officials one after the other in a bid to retrieve his keys from them.


As the officials kept tossing the keys from one person to the other, the driver went after any of them that had possession of the key and tried everything to collect the keys, in the process getting quite physical and cursing them.

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But luckily for the driver, the officials restrained themselves from attacking him while they begged him to take things easy so they could sort out the issue amicably.


Watch the video here.

Source: http://www.pulse.ng/gist/

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