Exams In Nigeria (Hilarious Photos)

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Exams In Nigeria (Hilarious Photos)

Exams in 9ja is currently trending on Twitter. These are the best tweets
1)When the lecturer brings out the whole past questions you studied the night before#ExamsIn9ja2)When the only question you can answer correctly is for students in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Jamaica3)When a teacher unknowingly seats your squad together4)The way you go home with that classmate that gave you answers inside exam hall.5)Out from exam hall & all your friends agree the answer was 30 but you got 479.66)When someone opens their answer booklet for you, but their handwriting looks like shorthand7)When the Invigilator cease your answer booklet for cheating when you’re still on Question 1When you get into the exam hall & realise the Lecturer didn’t set one Question from all the topics you read9)It’s only during #ExamsIn9ja that slay Queens suddenly become humble & polite10)When you’ve set formation with your friends, only for you to discover that your invigilator is from Deeper Life

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