PM May not sobbing over election, Brexit minister says

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Brexit Secretary David Davis said British Prime Minister Theresa May was not sobbing over Thursday’s failed election gamble when he met her after the vote.

“She is fine, she is getting on the with the job,” Davis said on Monday when asked how May was.

When asked if she was in floods of tears on Friday, Davis told ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” show: “Not when I saw her.

She is a formidably good prime minister.”

Ahead of Brexit talks, Davis said the people had demanded in last year’s European Union referendum to take control of the United Kingdom’s borders which means leaving the single market.

NAN reports that with 643 out of 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had won 315 seats.

Though the biggest single winner, they failed to reach the 326-mark they would need to command a parliamentary majority.

Labour had won 261 seats.

NAN reports that European Union leaders fear May’s shock loss of her majority in the snap British election will delay Brexit talks due to start this month and raise the risk of negotiations failing.

Guenther Oettinger, the German member of the European Commission, said it was unclear if negotiations could be launched on Monday, June 19, as planned.

The talks, which the EU wants to ensure a legally smooth British departure in March 2019, would be more uncertain without a strong negotiating partner, he said.

“We need a government that can act,” Oettinger told German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.

“With a weak negotiating partner, there’s the danger than the negotiations will turn out badly for both sides…I expect more uncertainty now.”

His French colleague Pierre Moscovici said the result would affect the negotiations but declined to be drawn on whether the EU executive hoped Britain might ask to stay.

Moscovici told Europe 1 radio that Brexit was supported by most of the last parliament following the referendum a year ago and that the timetable for leaving in 2019 was not “optional” but fixed in treaty law.

Former Finnish premier Alexander Stubb was a rare senior commentator.

He tweeted: “Looks like we might need a time-out in the Brexit negotiations.

Time for everyone to regroup.”

May, who had campaigned against Brexit in 2016 but took over the Conservative party after David Cameron lost last June’s Brexit referendum, delivered her terms for withdrawal in March.


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