My wife refuses to accept this pregnancy

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By Bunmi

Dear Bunmi,

My wife and I have been married for over ten years and don’t have a child yet.

She’s had a few miscarriages and now one of her Fallopian tubes has been snipped off when she had an ectopic pregnancy.

I recently had a fling with an old girlfriend and she is now pregnant. I had to tell my wife about this but to my ‘horror’ she said if the baby isn’t got rid off, she’ll leave me. I mean after waiting all these years for a child and now have the hope of one, I should do the right thing. Yet, my wife is adamant, she wouldn’t stay even if my support for the child is only financial. Help.

Alfred by e-mail.

Dear Alfred,

Tough as it is to face, there is no guarantee that your marriage will survive.

Whatever you decide to do, even if you want to abort this pregnancy, you can’t if the pregnant woman is not for it. Now that you’re determined to make the most of this opportunity of being a dad re-as ure your wife that you’re not abandoning her.

Unfortunately there are no easy an wers for anyone 0 don’t expect any. You’re not in the driving eat. Nor is your wife. Hang in the e and behave as decently as you can to everyone who has to live with the consequences of this affair.

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