Child killed, 800 sick after food poisoning at refugee camp

Mosul – The UN on Tuesday said that one child has died and 800 people fallen ill after a mass outbreak of food poisoning at a camp for people displaced by the conflict in Mosul, northern Iraqi.

The “Hasansham UII” camp which houses no fewer than 6,000 people displaced from Mosul and other conflict areas.

“People started falling ill on Monday night.

“UNHCR is extremely concerned by events at the camp, which has resulted in at least one casualty, with hundreds of other people falling ill.

“No fewer than 200 have been hospitalised,” the UN Refugee Agency said in a statement.

Kurdish media group Rudaw reported that people became sick after a Qatari charity organisation brought Iftar dinner for 2,000 camp residents who were breaking their fast.

During Ramadan, observant Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset.

Rudaw reported that most of those affected were children and the elderly, complaining of vomiting and stomach pain.

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