Benue says anti-open grazing law has come to stay

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By Innocent Anaba

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has assured that his administration was determined to ensure the enforcement of the anti-open grazing law in the state.

Speaking with newsmen after the state security council meeting at the Peoples House, Ortom said: “We convened this emergency meeting to discuss, specifically, the threat from Miyetti Allah against Benue State Government and its people because of the Anti-Open Grazing Law.

“We challenge anyone with a superior formula that will provide peace for Benue to come out with it.

“We have heard and seen the threat by Miyetti Allah to Benue State and they are even going beyond grazing to talk about struggle for natural resources in Benue State; that they were here before we came.

Gov Samuel Ortom

“We want to send this message to them that we will not accept that kind of threat.

“The Security Council had to be convened and we have decided that the Federal Government and the acting President must know about this threat and action should be taken by security agencies to arrest and prosecute these people for those inciting statements.

“The Bill we signed into law does not send the herdsmen away from Benue State. But we are saying that the land is no longer there for grazing and farming to go side by side.

“So if you rear cattle in Benue State, you must ranch. We’re not just talking about cattle, we are talking about livestock, such as pigs, goats and other animals. This bill gives protection to both herdsmen and farmers.”

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